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Well I'm stuck with my F 104. The tamiya paint remover is so good that it resolves the glue as well so many parts fell off, I glued them back again, then surfacer and discovered a lot of damage after removing the paint, fix some of them but I just can't look at it anymore, for a while at least....

So I needed a relax project. Some time I'm thinking of making this diorama, last year I went to the Duna?jv?ros ( Hungary ) sport airfield, near the main entrance there is a Mig -15 of Hungary AF on pole with a monument under it remembering the lost aviators during the years.

The kit I choose is Hobby 2000 ( the kit in box is actually Bronco ) no fancy updates only few wires here and there, the painting will be fun.

As a first step here are the pictures I had taken and the whole thing should look something like this

Part two

Part three

part four

part five


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