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Mig 15

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Very good background!!!

Thank you mate ! I like to build models with some story

First step, assembly of wings, the fit is perfect, even I closed the air brakes, no putty needed at all ! It is relaxing hope the rest of the model will follow this manner....

And yes, counting rivets.......

I'm stuck in a moment.... The Mig does not have a seat in the cockpit ( the real ) and I could not find any picture or drawing or anything actually of cockpit area behind the seat, so if anybody has anything and willing to share it it would help !

In the meantime to take advantage of my enthusiasm and will I decided to make the pole, or at least start it. It's full scratch build with Evergreen styrene, the screw heads are made with an excellent hexagonal punch and die tool made by RP Toolz. The welding is Tamiya putty formed with tooth stick. Hope you like it...

P.S. My neighbor is a fan of my hobby  :-green and he provided the steel rod for add stability and secure from future transportation damage to the pole, not just the pole, the whole model

Nothing impossible on holly forum :)) extracts from MiG-15 manual...

And some photos of preserved sample :-ok


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