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Liquid mask?!?


Orange tube what you see on the image is the Oriflame Exploriating Citrus Mask. This is pilling mask and it is primary used in the face make up and cosmetics. I am sure you are asking now why is this placed here on the specialized aviation forum... and here is my story.

Just some time ago I have a need to protect something from the paint and this surface is curvature shaped. Normally for this is used liquid mask but to my sorrow I did not have a single drop in the moment. And in the moment I have remember that I have in the toilette box something which could be of use and get this tube. No matter that it is cosmetics it have base ingredient which I need and this is polyvinyl alcohol which make screen of cover on the surface. Off course I have use this Oriflame product and result was surprising!!

First to note it is more controllable in application then the other products. Second it dry very fast and finally it protect perfectly and remove easiest then any model liquid mask I have used before. As many of commercial said "two in one product"- you can make up your face as well plastic kit.

This cost double less then the package of the modelers liquid mask and work better- if you ask me it look like I will never buy again modelers liquid mask.

bobby boy:
I have ordered 2 lots of this face mask... one for the girlfriend and one for me :msn_tongue:

Does it peel off real easy? how to you apply it?

Thanks for sharing


Apply with brush- and use only best artist brush!!! They are some 10 Euro sample but worth every cent.


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