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La-7 three cannon from Eduard

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I have just finished a plastic kit in 1/72 of this famous Soviet fighter and must say that I am impressed how wonderful is this kit. More info later, now just a quick shoot :)

Nico Braas:
Very nice model! Reminds me of an earlier 'winterized' MG armed La-7 from Hobbycraft some years ago!

Excellent work Nico!!! This is as I know 1/48 scale?

Nico Braas:
Yes, it is 1/48 scale. Hobbycraft also had a La-5 at the same scale I believe.
I still have unbuilt the 1/48 scale MIG-3 kit in the Flashback series of the Czech AMC. It can be built als the well known white 'Za Stalina' from the Russian ace A..V. Shlopov or as camouflaged version flown by A.I. Pokryskhin. It is a nice kit with good decals and additional resin parts + photo etched stuff. I swapped it some years ago with a Czech friend with the old Esci kit of the Dutch police Bölkow helicopter.
Am afraid it will have to wait until after my retirement!

This will be nice and enjoyable retirement as I can see :))


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