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Hi fellas !

I started a new project, JU-87 B2 The Partisan Stuka. After a mistake of crew landed Ju-87 B2 Wr.Nr.0406 5B+ER on airfield Rajlovac and been captured by Yugoslav Partisans. Soon it flew again with new markings and continued to serve partisans and after the war the YPA Air Force. The research about the painting is still on, so far I found out a varios ( at least three ) paintings of the same Stuka but more to follow about this as the project go on...

About the kit : I got Italeri Ju-87 B2 in 1/48 scale. It is a very good kit, as I searched the internet the only aftermarket for this kit is exhaust, propeller and the MG. I was surprised, after I looked the inside of the box I found out why. It is very detailed kit even with PE parts, reminding me to early Eduard kits. Surface details are very good. As you all know I am a " rivet counter " modeler, so I will post the pictures in few days.

P.S. In the meantime if anybody have some pictures or drawings of this bird it is more than welcome. See ya soon !

I have seen remains of this machine in Museum, it have soviet (??) dark grey over it. But as I can remember, it have basic splinter camouflage with... front part over painted. There is some photos, will take a look, there is enough time till your work progress.

As you all know I'm a registered rivet counter  :-green :-green :-green :-green well not 100% but I just like the look of rivets on the surface on the model. First step of the build are rivets on the wing

Fun fact about the kit : highly detailed, so far seems not too hard to build but in soft plastic, all the time I had this Airfix feeling......

I have such feeling that even workers in aviation factory did not get such attention about rivets  :-smey

Thank you !

Unfortunately I don't have much time for modeling these days, but some progress is still on. some more rivets, the plan is to move on cockpit now


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