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HOW TO: Natural Metal Finishes

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Second Air Force:
I see that you are right!

One thing about my "normal" product, the Testors Metalizer, is that it is better when you apply their sealer over the pigment. At least then you can mask (still very carefully) with tape and have better success. I don't especially like the glossy sheen the sealer adds to the NMF though, so this new product looks like the answer for me, too.

I use it before, it is good.

Second Air Force:
It's a long time since we've added anything here. I can no longer get my favorite Testors ModelMaster paints since Rustoleum killed the whole line, so it was time to start anew with an alternative. I found some of the Vallejo line of metal finishes and decided to give it a try. The subject is an old AMT XB-35 kit that has been waiting for assembly for many years. As odd as it may seem, this is the first time I've really given acrylic paint a test as I've always had ample stocks of enamels and lacquers in the past.

My first step was to spray the extra landing gear doors with various primers to see what happened and how durable the aluminum would be. One door was bare plastic, one in grey lacquer primer, one flat black enamel and one gloss black enamel. Then I sprayed the aluminum over each door set and let it cure, then masked one half of each with Tamiya tape and sprayed another coat of the aluminum. It turns out that the Vallejo is more durable with primer under it as the unpainted doors scratched rather easily. The others all turned out pretty well, with the black primer being the best--flat or gloss didn't seem to be too different from each other.

Next, on to another test.

This come as nice review from your side- thank you :-razz I hear for this paints in 2016., have hold em in hands but never try and have no sample. Look strong enough and tone is nice :-ok

Welcome back!!!

Second Air Force:
Thanks, No.1--I've been watching all the time but haven't had any contributions for so long......it's good to have something to review again!


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