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Second Air Force:
Here is an old Hobbycraft P-35 kit that I started many years ago. I remember purchasing this when I was still building automobile models, so it was partially finished for a LONG time.

I had always wanted to build this as a field-camouflaged airplane rather than NMF but one thing stopped me--the squadron's Indian brave insignia. So, for many years, this laid in its box until Daniel sent me the MustHave Curtiss Hawk kit. The great decal sheet in this kit had exactly the decals I needed!!! It seems that the U.S. 94th Pursuit Squadron "borrowed" the insignia of the French GC II/5. So, with these in hand, I sprayed ModelMaster aluminum where the numerals and Indians went, then camouflaged the airplane in the temporary camouflage colors used at the North Carolina War Games in 1940.
Hobbycraft P-35 1/48
Hobbycraft P-35 1/48
Hobbycraft P-35 1/48
Hobbycraft P-35 1/48

This is a fun little kit to build but does have some inaccuracies that need to be corrected. There are numerous build reviews on the web that go into the corrections. The thing that took the longest to accomplish on my model was the antenna wire rigging--there are so many wires it is almost like rigging a sailing ship!!


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Sympathic aircraft! ;)

Second Air Force:
Time to drag this old :-wise thread out of the archives so I can finish the story.

Way back when I first purchased the P-35 kit that begins this saga I also found a J-9/P-35A. It's lain in my "to do" pile for a LONG time until I could acquire the decals for a Swedish airplane. The Swedish J-9 has always been a favorite of mine and the camouflage scheme is very interesting.


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