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Griffon 1/72

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There is one interesting kit of the Nord Griffon test plane. Model is made by Airmodel from Germany and main parts are vacuu form and the small part are epoxy resin casted. Cockpit canopy is clear vacuu form. Instruction is made on two sheet paper, one with basic instruction and the other one with technical drawings and paint scheme. No decal included. Kit is correct in shape while some of the panels have to be rescribed.

well !
the lack of decals is not a gift !  :msn_sarcastic:

5 colors band of the world record,
baptism name and emblem ...

this will be a challenge !

Good luck !

I eventually found again this resin kit issued in 1987.
Made by Mr Jourdan (who has launch his own collection the following year) on orderby the french magazine "Le Fanatique de l'Aviation" under the name of "Fana Modèle n°1", this kit cost 245 FF at the time (i.e. 60 $ in 1987 or +/- 70 $ today).

A Two part study was published in # 218 & 219 of the magazine, including a B&W close-up of the Griffon II in the french museum (look at REAL WARPLANES section for a color one!).

At that time, resin kit were basic or expensive for those with good level of details.

700 of the 1.200 boxes done by the company have been sold in a month.
This model kit and the support of the magazine has greatly help people to discover the resin world and a second model (the Delanne 10 C2) has follow some months later.

Here are some glimpses on the box.

Griffon 1/72

Griffon 1/72
despite kit was said "without bubbles" two nice ones are visible on a wheel  :msn_ooooh:

Griffon 1/72

part in lower right of the above picture are the both canard plans (to be separate).

Griffon 1/72

Griffon 1/72
the both fuselage halves with several chips which hide the tail part

Griffon 1/72

you can see that the parts are heavily shining due to chemicals use for unmoulding.
With time, this has "cement" with chips.

Notice says that the engraved parts are enough deep to allow full washing and sanding before coating.
As a european citizen, unit use is the centimeter.

Voila :) Thank for this valuable info safo!!!

Nico Braas:
Last Saturday I have finally purchased that nice 1/48 scale La Fonderie kit of the Nord Griffon II.
It is a limited run injection moulding kit and that means that some flash will be present and that you must not expect Tamiya or Hasegawa quality! Surface is not very smooth, buth since panels are engraved this is no problem. Of course the whole model will have to be sanded and polished before the paint job! Locating pins for fuselage halves and wings are not present and some care will have to be taken when joining fuselage halves and aligning wings in the correct position. Instructions are very short and not always clear but this will not present any problems for the more experienced model builder!

Attached a photographic 'impression' of the kit!


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