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Great news about Airfix

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"The hottest news of today is that Airfix, in administration since August, has got a new owner. The winning bid, in competition with Revell of Germany, arrived from Hornby"

Read more at New Owners at Airfix

Now we may get to see the 1/48 model of the Canberra PR9  :-tri

You still did not get Canberra in 1/48?!?

I have been looking for a modelm of a Canberra PR7 or PR9 for the past 10 years, Matchbox issued a 1/72 scale RP9 in I think 1983, you sometimes find them on Ebay and they end up going for about £35.  :-eek

Yes it is too much- but there is cheap option of the Frog/Novo kit...

PV Chairman:
It's really good news about Airfix and Humbrol. Nevertheless I bought all the Humbrol paint that I could find in my local model shops just in case. I still can't find a paint that beats Humbrol.

PV Chairman.


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