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Well now, since I have I don't know how many started kits it's time for another one..... But this time I wish to keep it simple as possible and maybe, just maybe actually finish it this year, it would be the first and only finished one this year... Oh well, what can I say....

It's a very well known Hasegawa kit 1/48 scale in Eduard box with lot of extras, which however didn't stop me to get some more. Not much only Aires wheel bays, Master pitots and the pylons and the wheels are on their way to me....

After comparing the kit with drawings and pictures I found Hasegawa panels and rivets are a bit of fantasy but I don't want to do anything with them, a little attractive painting ( for me it is anyway ) should compensate it.

The cockpit is a bit upgraded, Hasegawa's pretty poor and these areas are visible on the kit so I had to do some scratch work. The main wheel bays are installed, I was very surprised to see it fits perfectly, no mayor surgery was needed, first time from Aires......

Here are the pictures of progress so far more to follow

 :-love :-love :-love

I said simple wright ? Yes, simple.....

Well now, I noticed that even " big names " in scale modeling pay a lot of attention on details, cockpit, wheel bays etc but, conopy interior somehow fell out of this, max the PE and/or resin parts provided are installed. However we all know that the aircraft is a complex machine and the conopy as part of it is complex as well.... I so I take a deep breath, a couple of beers and decided to take it the next level, so here is my conopy interior full scratch

Second Air Force:
Yes, this is the area that most modelers ignore, and there are a lot of moving parts in a jet canopy! (I've always been puzzled by the use of vacuform canopies to get the extremely thin edges, when the real canopy has the frames inside just like you're doing!!)

Great work!

You are true for what concerns the wings.
You can find an improvement set here:
I've bought the sprues with the wings (kit is still on my "to do" list  :))

Your work is simply incredible...  :-love


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