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Photos from few days behind but did not managed to process em before. Build also start, photos come soon :-ok

Kit is in work but still did not manage to prepare photos. One of problem I seen in very start is some difference in interior paint, Eduard suggest some mid brown color, and this is color used on their etched set but from what I know a long time ago, this is green color. I used that color for my kit. In 2009 I have post article where is provided set of colors used for painting, link is here:


Photos in attach are artifacts which reveal original A6M2 cockpit interior color. Here is shown green, not the metallic color called Aotake. This Aotake was semi transparent blue or green color, which after applied on bare aluminum, gave look of the metallic color.

Here is first photo of painted fuselage cockpit sidewalls. Front is green and rear is metallic blue color. Assembly of cockpit interior is based on frames, simply first do seat, attach it to rear frame, then prepare floor and add to that side frames with instruments and controls. Need some care and my doubt was in few occasions, should I replace original plastic part with proposed etched or not, so in few options I hold original plastic, somehow look better to me.

After cockpit is completed, fuselage assembly is so easy going, just few parts which fit perfect to each other. My impressions is that this is absolute filler free kit. Best and most likely is that cockpit interior is fit from bottom from big opening on fuselage bottom, it slightly rail into slots and click into place- no glue at all!!! Wings does not have so much details inside, this is just first step of assembly.

Looks like a great kit !


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