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Douglas Skyray- Tamiya 1/72

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Sample I plan to built is the one flown by Commander Gene Valencia. Photo is provided, him self stand besides machine which is subject of this build. I noted at once few omission's made by Tamiya. Inside cockpit, pilot seat have no handle, so I remove it, I guess you notice that in one of previous build step. Other thing is about camouflage, kit assembly suggest that Gull Gray goes almost strait, while here is visible it curve down. Most prominent mistake is that anti glare area in front of pilot windshield is not black, as provided by kit decal, but medium grey! This medium grey extend and it look like this is color of cockpit canopy frame and maybe even dorsal spine.

Maybe this could be good to say, as well we touch the subject of accuracy- few years ago I put on pile bulk of documents in attend to make technical drawings of Skyray. This material include engineering drawings, frame diagrams, manual extract and many so good archive photos in high resolution. And then my friend, who have access to many archives and help me with some rare documents, told me something a bit terrible to me- do not use drawings of author XXXX as base for my drawings. I was sad about that as well I always make drawings from scratch, do not copy other works but as well I work for many publishers for a many years, I know that this is normal practice to stole someone work, make some changes, and then blame person which material is stolen as bad author and glorify self as hero who make best accurate work...

But this force me to do something and waste a bit time. I prepare one drawings, one excellent engineering frame diagram with all measurements' data included, make it in scale and over it put all available drawings, including famous XXXX (will not say his name, he is from West and so loved by Serbian aviation fans...). Result- no accurate drawings at all in any aspect! Not basic shape, not dimensions...

So, faced with such facts, I am not sure how this kit can be correct in technical aspect, what drawings they use at all? But I will not bother my self with in deep analyze of this kit, for me it look like Skyray, easy to build, nice details and for me is nice relaxation build.

Its turn on topside color and it goes nice and even far better then I expect! Bottom of the wing edge is grey too and I can not believe that I do that line precise free hand with Aztec airbrush and 0.4 Acryl head!! Note that in general, Skyray leading edge is polished metal but some airplanes have it in top camouflage colors. I also paint medium grey ant glare panel.

Excellent work, well documented!

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Excellent progress mate !


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