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Chibi F-104G

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This is a kit from Freedom Models. I cannot post a photo of the box because my friend Dominique Jadoul have it; the box contained an F-104 and a TF-104; we took both one kit...
Decos are for US 104 only; but I will build a Belgian one: one of the "Slivers" demo team
See here how those two pilots were absolutely crazy:

Anyway, to build one of their aircrafts some modifications will be needed.
First; the decals: I will use the DACO 1/144 decal sheet for BAF 104G.
What concerns the kit: For a "Slivers", I need the pylons on the wings end. Those pylon doesn't exist; the external reservoirs are immediately fixed on the wings. So, I have first to reduce the wing plots; then to create the pylons. My idea: to use halves missiles (BAF never had missiles on the lower part of the fuselage) - photos 2 to 4.
Then, not fixing anything under the wings, I need to sand the gaps and, next phase, to fill with putty. Putty will also be needed for the pylons...

Never hear of this producer, egg edition of Starfighter look so interesting!!

Freedom realised also an F-20 Tigershark at 1/48th scale (two in fact: monoplace and biplace)

Interesting one

Progress on the pylons.
Top of the photo: kit's parts; bottom: actual result


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