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Chibi F-104G

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Interresting discovery I must say : Positionning the canopy revealed spaces between the rear of the hood and the fuselage.
Annoying because the putty Vallejo I envisaged to use is white, and the white could be visible frolm the interior!
I tested something: to add to the putty a drop of black paint and to mix both before use.
Result is perfect!

 :-clap :-clap

Nice progress mate !

Thank you friends !

OK, back to this one too!
After a white primer overall, I've airbrushed AK RC 254 Camouflage Grey on the lower surfaces ; after masking phase, Gunze H27 on some elements and after a second masking phas" AK RC 225 Dark Tan. Next step : masking again...


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