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Has anyone heard when Airfix are going to bring out the 1/48 scale model of the Canberra, on their website I can only see late 2006.
I see that you will be able to make the PR9, B2 and even the RB-57.

If any member is going to purchase it (I being one) and they are going to make the PR9, I'm very willing to send them a CD with over 650Mb worth of imagery of that great aircraft. It should be a modellers dream, showing the aircraft from all angles and in their true colours, pre-deployment and post deployments colours.

Just drop me a PM with your address and I will try and sort something out closer to the date.  :msn_thumbup:

PV Chairman:

According to Hannants, the Canberra might well not now be until early 2007 (and also the Nimrod). Incidentally, does everyone know that Heller have ceased trading?

There is already a kit of the Canberra PR.9. It was 1/72 and was released by Matchbox at least 20 years ago. I've got one part built, and another in its box ready to go when someone has some references, and decals for some smart colour schemes. I wonder if anyone will bother to do the retirement scheme with the winged bomb on the tail in 1/72. Presumably all the after-market decals will be in 1/48 scale for the Airfix when it comes out.

PV Chairman.

I have some plan with this model but I will start with few of them with the early type up to the last models. CD with all of this MB of material... very attractive :)

I can supply the CD. But I have very limited numbers, due mainly to my work taking up all my spare time, sorry  :msn_sad:

Fire at will :) ... and when you have more time :)


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