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Breguet 694 (Special Hobby 1/72)

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Just before the German invasion, Belgium ordered for 30 Breguet 694 to France. Unfortunately the aircrafts were not delivered before the surrendering of Belgium ; but som pilots contrinued the war with their French mates. Before the French armistice, one Breguet 694 was delivered to the Belgians but was destroyed the next day...

The kit is the Special Hobby Breguet 693 (similar to Azur kit). On an exterior point of view, Breguet 693 and 694 were similar ; so I will use that kit with decals from KORA Models to build the only one Belgian airplane...
For what I know, there is few informations about that aircraft. Impossible to be certain that the aircraft beared Belgian cockades or stil the French ones ; impossible to know how the aircraft was camouflaged (French style ? "Belgian Hurricane" style ? Khaki/alu ?). So, I've decided to use the French camo with Belgian cockades...

The work begins with some cockpit amelioration (pilot stick, rudders...) and the rectification of ammo for the machinegun (difficult to remove them from the sprue without any damage)

Funny to note that there is 12 ammos in the kit but that 13 are needed : 12 on the interior of the fuselage AND one on the machinegun !

I've created the missing one using original ones, placed on a sheet of Evergreen and covered with liquid mask to create a mould ; then I've filled the mould with miliput. Result is perfect.

Engines (resin) must be reduced to fit in the nacelles...
The photoetched elements are added to the bombs and the seat...
The interior of the gunner post asked also for some work ; the floor was too long of 2mm.

Nice intro and so much new info's, never know about Belgian use. Type is rare among manufacturers so this will be pleasure to watch... and you are back to real subjects :))

Well, the period just before may 1940 was a "panic" period for Belgian politicians that asked to the army elements to reinforce what they had diminued in value...

De facto, Belgian ordered lot of aircraft types that unfortunately didn't have seen entry in service : Brewster Buffalo, SABCA S.47, Renard 38, Spitfire MK I, Grumman Wildcat...


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