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Blohm Voss BV ae607 (RS Models 1/72)

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The Blohm Voss BV ae607 is a German "paper aircraft" that existed only on drawings... But the look of that aircraft is IMHO stunning; so I've bought the kit some times ago.

It's short run; so some little parts are not as fine as possible as you can see here...

But the real problem is not short run: as is, the kit is simply unbuildable and can be put in the trashcan!  :-wall

The left wheel bay comes under the cockpit. the wheel bay parts are deep ; you cannot place the cockpit interior if you use those parts. More than that, the cockpit parts are not well conceived : you can place the cocpkit (again) due to the particular shape of the fuselage (diagonal): see the result using all the kit parts

Well, I consider not to put the kit away but accept the challenge.  :-help

I made new wheel bays from scratch that take less place in the kit interior. I will also completely scratchbuild the cockpit interior. As you can see, fitting is better now... Miliput was needed in the process

Looks like easy and fun to build :))


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