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Blohm Voss BV ae607 (RS Models 1/72)

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On the rear, the wheel bay don't fit; some extra work also needed. I must say I don't like the idea of that aircraft with such a disposal but no front wheel... Really boring...

Back to the cockpit, I found the solution for the consoles: I've placed the seat of the Me 262 and created new consoles with Evergreen. I've also replaced the pilot stick of the kit with the one of a Bf 109G from AZ Models...

So, without spare box, build impossible ;)


--- Quote from: No.1 on November 17, 2021, 08:56:28 PM ---So, without spare box, build impossible ;)

--- End quote ---

Yes. But I think that the build is impossible if you don't modify lot of parts...

Engraving on the kit is too thin, so I have taken the time to make it more deep (the need for sand the ruguous plastic could erase the original engraving lines). Minor corrections done with Mr Surfacer 1000.

The wheel bay traps of the kit aren't nice on my taste; so I've scratchbuilded new ones...


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