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Blenheim Ikarus Mk.I MPM 1/72

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Hi folks!

My name is Javier and I'm from Argentina. This is my first message here and wanted to share with you the first MPM Blenheim Mk.I built by me. First than anything,  I like Yugoslav aircraft a lot so it was my first try at building and painting one of the VV birds. The Blenheim I is one of the most beautiful airplanes of the 30s and I just couldn't resist the cammouflage scheme. It's built out of the box, except for the machine gun, gunner seat and a few levers inside the cockpit. Well, that's pretty much it, so I hope you'll enjoy the pictures.  :)

Blenheim Ikarus Mk.I MPM 1/72

Blenheim Ikarus Mk.I MPM 1/72

Cheers fro Argentina and have a nice day  :-tri


Hello Javier and nice to have members and friends from Argentina :)) Model look very nice and here you are few profiles  ;)

Nice model javier  :-ok  :-wave

Thanks guys for the feedback, I'll be posting a few more pictures of my Sea Hurricane, Polikarpov IL-400b and a converted Nieuport 52 (from a long time before the Azur kit).

Cheers, :-wave


Excellent build, Javier.  It is a very pretty airplane  :-ok.


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