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Bf109 Revell Kit


Does someone have a Revell kit of the 1980s or early 1990s? If i remember it right there was a Legion Condor Markings 109 on the package with some yellow nose. I thought i had never build a model but then i rememberd that i build this as a kid without painting it. It was relative small scale, like size of my hand. I think i dont have it anymore.

Its might to be their early E version in 1/72 scale. To be honest very bad kit, very inaccurate. If you really like to have this kit better take any other manufacturer. In this moment I have one Revell kit in build progress, this is G-10 in 1/72 scale and it is very new tool.

I dont want to rebuild it. Just wanted to see the package for nostalgic reason  ;)

I will try to search there:




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