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Belgian Mirage 5 (Mark One 1/144)

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Well yes, Belgian Mirage again!
I received the kit yesterday from Didier Waelkens (IPMS-Belgium) that asked me to build it and to make an article for KIT (IPMS-Belgium magazine).
Of course, I have to build it in the Belgian version  :-green
So, I'm busy with Mirage 5 on three different scale simultaneously... Funny...

For the Belgian version there will be some extra work to do; I will explain that during the building stages. First detail: the yellow paint on the tail is due to the participation of the aircraft in an ADAC exercise (aerial combat with aircraft of different types) - But the yellow paint was also present on the extremities of the upper surfaces of the wings (see my remarks on the instruction sheet)

The work will begin soon...

 :-clap :-clap :-clap

Second Air Force:
Mirage heaven...…!!


Now that theatre is finished, I'm back!

Well, as I did not received the instruction from IPMS-Belgium to build the kit "from the box" - that's impossible for the Belgian version anyway - I think I will do some extra work and have some extra fun...

First, the plot below the cockpit roof have to be removed; it will enter in the wheel bay...

Then some "hard" work is to remove the "caudal" element below the wings and to replace it by part 36.
....But part 36 is not corresponding to the Belgian version! The Belgian part is not so large.
So, I've decided to "cannibalize" both elements; removing the rear part of the original element and cutting the one of part 36.
I had to heavily sand that last one and work is not finished yet; I have to use miliput to make a correct element...


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