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Azur Savoia Marchetti SM 79 JIS/JRS B, 1/72

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Savoia Marchetti SM 79 JIS/JRS B was always for me strange Sparviero, as well for the three engine machines was more common. This is Azure kit I have from 2016., it was intended to be built for magazine but Editor never give me green light to start a build. As well a lot of time pass away, and build as review is now obsolete, I decide to make it for my self. Its look like so simple kit, not so many parts and few resin parts. Not sure did I ever before build anything from Azur, so this will be nice to know better about its parts quality. No idea about the accuracy of the kit and have no options to check it out.

interesting subject, looks like a complex kit, looking forward to see it done !

Only glass look complex and I will not bother with kit at all, strait from box build :))

The molds form Azure/Frrom are made by Special Hobby. Azure/Frrom is French. The kits are following the same progress than Special Hobby kits; so the first Azure are pleasant short runs but the last realisations are GREAT short runs !

Thank you for explanation, information's are worth to be known. Here I cement almost all elements inside and next to do will be painting. Instruction repeat old mistake where is for interior color suggested pale green (if I am correct, Verde Anticorosione) but this paint was used as base and over this was applied medium grey color. So I will paint it like that. No idea how accurate is this color inside S.M. 79 preserved in museum, but it show how this have to look like.


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