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Azur Savoia Marchetti SM 79 JIS/JRS B, 1/72

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All subassemblies are included inside and all painted in uniform grey color. I choose this color on photos, which is lighter then have to be but as well cockpit is so closed, not much light inside, it would look better in darker surrounding.

Second Air Force:
Good work, mate!

Thank you so much :) To regret, not any specific photos of Romanian version which I do in moment, so as reference I use Italian three engine cockpit photos, in hope to manage anything of info about interior paints. As can be seen oh photos, pilot instrument color is two color, central is black, outside panels are dark grey, pilot stick metal color, handles black. Most of the rest panels as well equipment is in black color. Basic interior is medium grey but here is also seen light green, with options that frame tubes are very light grey. Rear bottom section of the fuselage, in area of rear gunner, is in some kind of buff color. Pilot seat can be covered by red brown wood or field green fabric. Area of corrugated surface look like to be wooden color, medium brown, with light brown stripes. Hope this will helps if anyone of you decide to build this kit.

Nice progress and excellent documentation!

Thank you :)) little step forward on this subject ;)


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