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Azur Savoia Marchetti SM 79 JIS/JRS B, 1/72

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Well done ;-)

Thanks mate :-ok decals done, and that was easy, just few of them.

Love her!  :-love

For a many of last days I had problems with bad function or hard to function properly with my Aztec. Then I dismantle it and find problems, some paint leak inside and this cause improper function of the airbrush. Clean up did not solve problem, real problem is in metal pin, not visible in photo, who protrude outside and is covered by metal cone. It stuck. So real solution was to cover with cap both of the holes for paint jar and then pour from above some acetone. After few minutes it clear up all stuck elements and I put back my spray head (on photo). Now I can back to project.

Sorry you had this bad luck with your AB, the model looks fine


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