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Azur Savoia Marchetti SM 79 JIS/JRS B, 1/72

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Great progress and thank you for sharing the documentation !

You are all welcome :))

Here is situation in the moment- fuselage is joined without any difficulties and half's fit perfect. Note that it does not include any kind of pins and holes, but need to be adjusted by hands. Join area is in first moment just roughly sanded and later, when I add wings, tail surfaces and cockpit elements, will add some filler and sand it all over with fine sanding paper. Nose is consist from two half's and as well windows frames are so tiny, need maximum attention with cement use. Wings are not complicated, few plates at inner side of top wing surfaces and then all merged together.

Extra work need to fit wings of fuselage. Problem is that wing sleeve is not good and when push wing into that position, you have negative dihedral on wings. Top wing surface on SM 79 series need to be 0 degrees and to achieve that, much of the wing sleeve's need to be sanded, maybe even one mm each side. Final problem which appeared is that surfaces did not match (wing and fuselage bottom), so I need one clamp to make it in level and hold it till cement harden.

Excellent work my friend!


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