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Right, I'm about to start on the PR XI Spitfire, I'm going to do in Far East colours and as such it requires that I have a white strip on the wing and the tail fin.

The first idea I had was to airbrush the whole aircraft white then mask out the areas I require to remain white and then airbrush with the PR Blue.

My question is, what should I use to mask out the white area with before I spray it with the blue?  :-think


I think that you should change aproach. First apply coat of camouflage color. Then you add white areas. I use 3M self adhesive tape and this one is used in automotive industry. This also perfect work on models too. How to make strips? First cut from tape strips in the precise width of strip on the model. Then place it where it have to be. You get now covered area which you have to paint and idea is that this strip give you path for the next cover. And next cover is- put next to the each edge one more strip. Then remove inner strip and you will get now clear area for painting and the rest is protected.

I am not very clear due to my savage English and it is very nught now. If you like I will make tomorrow at the day light couple of shoots and demonstrate how to do this and I am sure that this will be welcome to all.


Thank you.  :-ok

Image worth a thousand of words...

Yes it is, thank you  :-salut


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