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Siai Marchetti SF260 (Heroes 1/144)

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The only real difficulty of that kit is for the rear: no emplacement marked on the fuselage to adapt the parts.
I've taken my time and made holes in the parts (carefully, parts aren't thick...), then placed metalic wire; made holes on the fuselage and glued them with a new cyano from AK.
You can also see the progress on the stick...

Small photos to regret :( how new AK cement work?

Sorry my friend, I've not seen your question before today...

AK Black Windows is surprising. The parts are glued in 15-20 seconds; adherence looks good. But if you put a drop on a recipient for use with the kit, that remains usable the next day...

Aaaa- like a Colle 21 from Italy, similar properties :))

Nice progress and I would like to hear more about AK cyano, let us know your experiences if you please


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