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"Father and Son" P-47s

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Second Air Force:
Next to the Bf109 and Fw190, I find all the Seversky/Republic fighters so interesting. There has been a spare Tamiya 1/72 Razorback on my shelf and I recently found a 1/48 kit at a reasonable price. The decision was made to do both at the same time, so here we are!

I've built the smaller kit twice and found it to be nearly perfect to assemble. The 1/48 version is just as nice but uses a little different construction with regard to the cowling and a few other small details. I simply started assembly and painting on both at the same time and kept this method throughout.

This look promising!!

Second Air Force:
Thank you, the Tamiya kits are a dream to build. I could imagine an entire fleet of these on my shelves!

A little more of the progress, the cockpits are built out-of-the box except for seatbelts. The 1/48 version has the PE harness that came with the MustHave Curtiss 75 that Daniel sent me many years ago--thanks, mate!

The engines are also straight from the kit with some ignition harnesses added only. The 1/48 kit even includes the Pratt & Whitney decal that goes on the bottom of the reduction box.

Very little filler is needed on the fuselage halves on both kits as you can see. Also the large on has the option of open or closed intercooler vents which is a nice touch.

Excellent !

Nice project, Scott!


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