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Great loss to Brazilian Aviation


Daniel Iscold:

I want to talk about this picture but before, to talk about it I want to talk about the old sir in the right side of this picture. His name: Claudio Barros, who was him? The greatest aeronautical engineer of our country!
He passed away this night. He was a close friend of our family and above all a very close friend of God,I´m learned very important lessons from him about personal God´s relationship. And the most important lesson learned by me from him since my childhood, the hubleness.
The aviation comunity is full of selfish and cocky people, but uncle Claudio is far far way from this!!
He was responsible to found the Center of Aeronautical Studies (CAE) in Minas Gerais. He was the head director for years in this center and desingned, projected and builded four experimental airplanes, that was very important to the Brazilian aeronautical industry.
Now a days the CAE is a reference in Brazil in aeronautical technology development, the last two experimental airplanes builded by them is the CEA-308 and CEA-309 Mehari. The CEA 308 broke last year four world speed records and the Mehari is the first unlimited aerobatic airplane totaly builded in our country, last week he receive his new composite carbon fiber wings, totally made in CAE.
Uncle Claudio leaves to Brazil a great legacy of humbleness, perseverance and hard working, and above all his love to God and every thing related to a close relationship with Him.
The picture bellow was taken a few month a go and show uncle Claudio with Mr. Joseph Kovacs (Tucano desingner), you can see the CURUMIM, one of the greatest projects of CAE and the Peregrine (the younger brother of T-27).

Uncle Claudio, that you heavenly hangar is full of airplanes!!! Rest in Peace!!!


R.I.P. :(

Rest In Peace :(

Second Air Force:
Very sorry to hear of his passing, but great to know his genius and passion will continue.

Ellen and I offer our condolences and wish him Godspeed.


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