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F-4U Corsair


New Aviation Datafile from SAM Publications

The Vought F4U Corsair remains one of the most distinctive and popular aircraft of World War II, and its unique inverted gull wing design combined with the colorful characters of some of the aces who gained fame flying it in combat has added to its mystique. In addition, the Corsair was used effectively not only by the United States Navy and Marines, but also saw distinguished service in the Fleet Air Arm in Great Britain and the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Thus the Corsair has a multi-national appeal making it an enigmatic subject and therefore a vital addition to the Datafile series. Authors Rafe Morrissey and Joe Hedgus bring the story of the Corsair vividly to life, with copious photographic illustrations, colour side profiles and scale plans. This is a must have book for the aviation enthusiast and historian alike.

The book is priced at £19.99 plus p+p and for ordering details go to www.sampublications.com or email sarah@sampublications.com


Paul Bradley:
Nice work on the profiles!

They look so good, I have work on technical drawings inside ;)

Really,nice profiles!
Good job mate! :-clap

Why do I have a feeling that profiles are not yours (unfortunately :-roll), but only drawings ;)?
Congrats on yet another success :-clap


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