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Eagles of the Southern Sky



'EAGLES of the SOUTHERN SKY' is a book which encapsulates the complete history of the Tainan Naval Air Group in New Guinea, from 1 April through to mid-November 1942 (please note that it does not cover the East Indies or Guadalcanal campaigns). The book sets new landmarks for historical detail, with many 'Firsts'. For the first time both the Japanese and Allied accounts have been fully reconciled.

The text is enhanced by:

- color profiles of 27 Tainan Zero fighters with a history of each aircraft, color profiles of 41 Allied aircraft against whom they fought, including RAAF No. 75 Squadron Kittyhawks, as well as numerous profiles of Japanese aircraft with whom the Tainan fought alongside;

- rare photos, never published before, from both the Allied and Japanese side;

- 26 paintings of combat over New Guinea, with reference material being aerial photography of the areas of New Guinea over which the Tainan fought;

- detailed appendices including losses, Tainan markings, crew rosters, and reference appendix.

More info here: http://www.tainanbooks.com/



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