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World War Toons T34/76 converted into T34/85

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World War Toons kits are "chibi" kits (or "cute", or "eggs"  :)) ).
Meng have released some tanks, amongst them is a T34/76. My frien Domi from Retrokit released a conversion set for a T34/85 that I prefer with its more performing gun...

To build a T34/85, a little bit of surgery is needed: sanding of the top hull under the turret. Then assembling was a piece of cake.
One sitting and the tank is build. I have to check for some putty and then: painting...

Interesting :)

very interesting indeed !

First coat of primer revealed some gaps to fill with putty... I used Vallejo putty, except for the external fuel tanks: cyano (that have to be sanded...)


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