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Tunisian Tiger I (My Father's Tank)

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Second Air Force:
Along my travels in model-building, I came across four military VW kits in an antique store. I think I paid about the price of a good bottle of beer for all four, two of which are Italeri and two are the oldest editions of Kubel and Schwimmer from Tamiya. None of the kits are really up to standard, but the two sand colored ones I just used to practice camo spraying and color selection for the Tiger that started this thread. I've never stopped researching Tiger 712 in the eight years since I started this thread, and it's pretty certain that a green/grey color was used along with the tan color on the early Tigers sent to Tunisia. With that in mind, I decided to mix up some color and spray different shades on the Kubel and Schwimmer. I'll study this some more and eventually will add the color I'm satisfied with on the Tiger.

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