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Tunisian Tiger I (My Father's Tank)

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nice work. I would do some panzer grey chipping, these early panzers come to Africa in grey and they were painted on front,  very often with british colors from captured stocks and the paint peeled off heavy from desert weather.........

Second Air Force:
Thanks friends! You're right, this should have more chipping and grey showing through, but it was a test mule so I could learn how to weather a desert tank. Now I'll use the practice to start on the Tiger.

Daniel, I've watched your uses of pastels for quite a while now and you're my "tutor" on this method.


Second Air Force:
Overcast afternoon, but here are a few photos of the "test tank". I also must state that this very old Tamiya kit was easy and fun to put together for me. I bought the kit for just a few dollars at a model show and it turned out to be a good investment.



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