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The littlest diorama I've ever made!!!

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Ah, it's a long history...

Once upon a time... Euh sorry... Once a day, my mother came at home and gived me a little marble socle, saying that it will surely make an excellent base for one of my kits.
So kind...
...But that base was one for a stone egg!!! You can imagine how BIG it can be...
How to put a normal, decent, average kit on such a teeny place???

Hey, that's the kind of situations I like: to put a kit on that base? Surely not...
...But to realise a full diorama, what a challenge!!!

Yes I made it.

Some years ago, I was a wargame player, and I remembered me that There was still existing somewhere in the house, some AFV's at 1/300 scale: yes, 1/300 scale!!!
I found the box containing my wargame elements and, amongst them, there was some CRVT's. But also some infantrymen and crewmen...
I made my military duty on CVRT's (Scorpion, Scimitar, but also Spartan during my -uncompleted- formation as student officer). So I imagined a manoeuvre scene, including a Scorpion, a Spartan and some crewmembers.

I represented myself on the diorama... Egocentrism...

I have billions of questions but... better say- amazing !!!

I don't know if I have billions of answers, but we can try ;-)

Foliage 1/300... faces 1/300... details on armor 1/300...

Foliage: just "Piedra Pomez", a product I've found in my model shop, that I mix with a ground color. Then, a drybrush with some greens, browns...
Faces: a drop a flesh color. as simple as that
Details: not really detailed. Just a lightning of the angles


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