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Something New (and Old) VW Sedan

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Second Air Force:
Here's one last photo of Ingrid's dashboard, with the final piece in place. There is a rather large hole just between the speaker grille and ashtray (probably a cigarette lighter was added by a previous owner) and I wanted to find something to fill the hole. I was fortunate to find a St. Christophorus/Gute Fahrt medallion from another VW enthusiast in Hungary, and it covers the hole perfectly!!!

Fresh and new!!!


looks excellent mate !

Second Air Force:
On to filling all the extra holes in Ingrid's exterior. At some point in the past, a prior owner decided to buy the chrome trim to add some sparkle to this otherwise very plain car. VW offered a kit with all chrome and clips for Standard owners to "fancy-up" their cars. Also, the semaphore turn signals had to be replaced with lights on all four fenders so holes were drilled and lights installed. The last couple of mornings I've begun welding shut these holes, using some sheetmetal we kept from another Beetle that I scrapped years ago. In all, there are 46 holes to fill and I'm about half way done.


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