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T-34/76 tank advantage during the battle of Kursk, supported by Il-2, July 1943.

On may 31, 1918, was combat christening of the legendary Renault FT. On this day, the German 7th army advanced dangerously far in a sector Southeast of Soissons, that is, in the direction of Paris. The French General staff ordered all units to be thrown into battle in order to prevent the capture of the Villers Cotterets forest by the Germans at all costs.

Photo: Musée de l'armée

Loading a British tank on a platform at the Forster factory in Lincoln, 1916.

General Patton awards a black private for bravery perform during the liberation of the city of Chateaudum in France.

Rare photo of Russian priests blessing red army soldiers during world war II. Stalin allowed morale to rise after the violent anti-clerical policies of the 1930s.


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