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Tank destroyer object 287 was developed in 1962-1965, by the designers of the Leningrad Kirov plant on the basis of the T-64 (object 432). The tank's armament consisted of 2 x 73-mm guns 2А25 "Молния" ("Lightning") with a coaxially mounted 7.62-mm machine gun and anti-tank missile system 9К11 "Тайфун" ("Typhoon").

Suspension and powerplant system was similar to the base object 432. The crew consisted of two people. The serial production of the object 287 does not run, because during the tests were identified unreliable operation ПТРК "Тайфун" and the unsatisfactory results of shooting guns 2А25

very interesting ! thanks for sharing !

You are welcome :))

Second Air Force:
Yes, great stuff!

A question: has anyone ever done a book or series of books on all the varieties of Soviet era armor? The amount of variations and tank designs that came about after WWII are mind boggling as the Soviets seem to have constantly improved their equipment.

I am not so good on armors but know there is so many books but best books at all are published in Soviet Union


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