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May 18, 1915 carried out a test of the first Russian tank "SUV", which was built in the Russian-Baltic plant in Riga. The design of the machine all the elements of modern tanks have been provided: caterpillar mover, body armor and weapons, located in a rotating turret. Tank developed speed to 25 miles per hour on a fairly deep sand. Contrary to calculations Porohovschikova possibilities of his car were very far from the fighting. After some improvements in 1917, it was designed "All Terrain Vehicle number 2". Unlike the first "all-terrain vehicles", it was already quite a full tank to wheel-tracked progress. But the selection committee of the military authorities considered that "the project" ATVs "Porohovschikova constructor in its present form does not deserve any attention."

Tank Builder - 23-year-old Alexander Porokhovshchikov. His father was an architect who designed the building of the famous Moscow restaurant "Slavic Bazaar". Sam designer created at the beginning of World War I training aircraft "P-4" dual-control and the motor "Gnome" with a capacity of 50 horsepower. During the Civil War fought pilot in the Red Army, then he worked in the design office, and was unreasonably subjected to repression in 1941.

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Vrey interesting indeed !