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Hi to you all !

I'm stuck with my aircraft project's so I need a little change so I decided to make a panzer for a change. It's an old CMK 1/35 kit Pz.Kpfw 35 (t) made by Czech Škoda factory. As always it wont be simple I got the CMK engine set and CMK interior.... First steps :

Best cure for unfinished build- start new build :)) enjoy mate ;)

You have a point there mate !

Some progress, fitting the resin interior with some scratch work, the engine compartment needed new walls and floor and some copper wires added to make it more real, and the turret detailing started, to be continued....

And this will end with more parts then original subject ;) :))

I really don't know how you get this funny ideas  :)) :)) :)) :))

Today's progress, engine compartment and engine detailing, uprgrade resin parts, some scratch work and brass wires....


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