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Benz-Patent Motorwagen 1886 (ICM 1/24)

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I'm not a car-builder but I falled in love with that one  :-love
Incredible speed of 15 km/h, tricycle, mix of wood and steel... A beauty !

At 1/24th scale, that car is not greater than a 1/72 medium tank  :))
ICM realized two boxes of that kit : an "easy build" one with plastic wheels ; and a more realistic one with photoetched parts

I assembled the seat in first. Perfect plastic putty needed between the two parts, for a perfect result

Before to go further, I builded the wheels. Why now ? Just because if I have failed to have nice wheels, I would not have made too much work for nothing  :-green

ICM created an useful tool to bend the photoetched parts ; I'm really happy with the result



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