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Яков Джугашвили- Yakov Dzhugashvili


Yakov Dzhugashvili, Stalin's eldest son, was captured by the Germans in 1941. About the life of a chief's son, still there are many conflicting rumors and legends.

After receiving the package from Germany, Stalin learns about the capture of his son. Vassily, the youngest son of the leader, he heard from his father: "What a fool, failed to even shoot!" They also said that Stalin rebuked Jacob that he is like a coward surrendered to the enemy.

Some time later, from the Germans it was proposed to exchange Yakov for field Marshal Friedrich von Paulus (Friedrich von Paulus), which Stalingrad was captured.

It was rumored that Stalin refused such a proposal, saying that would not change a field Marshal for a soldier.

Not so long ago was declassified some documents according to which Jacob was shot by the camp guards after he refused to obey orders. While walking Jacob received orders from the guards back to the barracks, but refused, and the guard shot him in the head. When Stalin learned about it, he has softened considerably in relation to the son, believing such a death worthy

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