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"Hatching of Ruldan Sawassakhs"

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Well, if you all say I am nut, that's through :)) I know this is not quite an aircraft modeling and that this theme
is out of this forum essential area; but this is what I did for Belgrade 3rd New Year's Cup, and it is SF diorama.
Of course I created it completely (in other words: it's my own phantasmagoria), but I would say it is
approximately in 1:72 scale :-smey

Actually this little "techno-robo-nano-organo" things (Sawassakhs; each model is different cause of constant improvement during the growth in the techno-egg. :-green) can fly in any athmosphere or in space.

Some specifications data:

Type: Ruldan Sawassakh (little Wassakh, and Wassakhs build just started :)) )
Crew: none
Speed: unknowen
Range: ubelieveble
Engine: two Ruldan materia transfoceletrons, dual funcion (wepons and prpulsion)
Wepons: two RPT (Ruldan Poison Throwers), and a "Death Hook" on the rear landing gear.

don't ask any more :-green
I hope you'd like it :-wave

This is crazy work!
Wonderful idea! :-clap

Thanks Sall :-flo

Of course, I made one SF montage, and a memo page :-wave

It is so good to see when somebody have no limits in its spirit :-clap

My friend :-obey :-flo :-wave


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