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"Chibi" Hetzer

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It's my friend Dominique Jadoul that gived me the envy to begin another tank!!!
With RetrokiT, Dominique realize lots of sets that help to ameliorate or modify chibi tanks (but also aircrafts).
This time, he created the hull of an Hetzer to convert a Pz38T...

Photos of the kit and RetrokiT set

As said in the "instructions", some surgery must be done to adapt the Hetzer hull on the chassis...
Wheels are also removed from sprue

Nice start mate !

Thank you!

White primer airbrushed. Minor correction needed on the rear of the chassis; no putty used this time but cyano... Useful for minor gaps, dry in a few minutes and sands well...

I know this will be so lovely at the very end  :-ok :-razz


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