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Vickers Vista flying boat


In 1927, the Canadian branch of the British aircraft company Vickers began work on the project of a single-seat flying boat Vista. It was planned that it would enter service with the Royal Canadian Air Force. The project was headed by designer Reginald Mitchell, the future creator of the Supermarine Spitfire fighter. October 27, 1927 - the first flight of the Canadian Vickers Vista flying boat.

It was a flying high-wing boat with a pusher propeller and a duralumin hull. The wings were made of wood and covered with canvas. The Armstrong-Siddeley Genet engine (75 hp) was installed, the maximum speed was 145 km/h.

Vista was the first monoplane developed by Canadian Vickers. During the tests, its flight characteristics were not impressed, and the aircraft was not launched into mass production. The only Canadian Vickers Vista built was used to investigate the corrosion of its duralumin hull.


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