Author Topic: Ukraine aviation modernization plans  (Read 378 times)

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Ukraine aviation modernization plans
« on: May 25, 2020, 05:23:19 PM »
The Ministry of defense of Ukraine intends to completely re-equip the country's Air force with new aircraft.

The reform of the Ukrainian air force will be carried out in three stages, the corresponding plan has already been approved by the Military Council of The air forces of Ukraine. The plan should be implemented by 2035.

At the first preparatory stage, which will take five years (until 2025 inclusive), it is planned to announce a tender for the purchase of new aircraft. After determining the winner of the tender, it is planned to purchase from 6 to 12 multi-purpose fighters (2021-2022). Pilot operation of the new fighters is planned to begin in 2023-2025. Saab JAS-39E/F Gripen, F-16 Block 70/72 and others are considered candidates for delivery.

The second five-year stage (until 2030) will be a transition to the planned equipment of tactical aircraft. During this stage, it is planned to establish regular deliveries of new combat aircraft with the simultaneous withdrawal of outdated equipment from the air force of the APU. It is planned to deliver from 8 to 12 multi-purpose aircraft per year. In addition, the armed forces will have to get rid of certain types of aviation, instead of assault, bombing and reconnaissance aircraft, units equipped with drones will be deployed. By 2030, the re-equipment of transport and special aviation will also begin.

The third five-year stage (until 2035) should complete the re-equipment of the AFU Air forces. By this year, all obsolete equipment should be withdrawn from the air force. According to the plan, by 2035, the Ukrainian air force should have: at least 4 tactical aviation brigades armed with a modern unified multi-purpose fighter of the 4++ generation; at least 4 brigades (regiments) of strike and reconnaissance drones; a transport and special aviation brigade; and a training aviation brigade.

It is planned to spend about 200 billion UAH (7.5 billion dollars) on the purchase of new multi-functional fighters, and in total it is planned to allocate about 320 billion UAH for the re-equipment of the air force over 15 years. Part of the funds for this program in Kiev are planned to receive from partner countries and NATO allies.