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The VC10 is Big 40
« on: August 12, 2006, 03:07:09 PM »
The Vickers VC10 entered service in 1966 and has seen active service in almost every major conflict since that date. A highly versatile and durable platform, it operates in air refuelling, passenger transport, freight and aero-medical roles and is a key asset in the RAF logistic capability.

the VC10 is used in two versions:

VC10 C1K

The VC10 C1K is a dual role transport and air-to-air tanker aircraft.
In the transportation role, the aircraft has accommodation for 150 passengers and a crew of 9. The aircraft can be converted easily by use of a large cabin freight door on the forward left side of the aircraft into a passenger/freight or full freight fit. The cabin is capable of holding up to 45,000lb (20,500kg) of freight on its permanently strengthened floor, including NATO standard pallets, ground equipment or vehicles. The aircraft also have an aero-medical evacuation capability, where up to 76 stretchers may be fitted.
In 1993 the aircraft were converted to the tanker/transport role with the addition of a refuelling pod under the outboard section of each wing. The aircraft can carry up to 154,000lb (70,000kg) of fuel utilizing their original 8 fuel tanks. The fuel can either be used to feed the aircraft itself or be dispensed to smaller type fast-jet type receivers. It is capable of refuelling 2 aircraft at a time from the wing pods. The VC10 C1K can also be refuelled from VC10K or Tristar tanker aircraft by use of its air to air refuelling probe, which is permanently attached to the aircraft nose.
The VC10 C1K is equipped with a modern flight management navigation system and all avionics to allow worldwide operations. The crew comprises two pilots, flight engineer, navigator and an air load master. Up to 3 air stewards are carried, depending on the number of passengers on board.
The VC10 C1K, although now old and suffering from both limiting airframe restrictions as well as air traffic restrictions, such as noise and the new avionics requirements for modern civil airspace, still remains a very capable aircraft. The ability to rapidly deploy fast-jets and carry ground personnel or support equipment worldwide keeps it at the heart of the flexibility of the RAF. Although hardly ever in the spotlight, the aircraft is a true workhorse of the RAF and has been involved in the majority of conflicts in the last 35 years or so.

VC10 K3 and K4

The bulk of the RAF's air-to-air refuelling fleet comprises VC10 K3 and K4 aircraft flown by No 101 Squadron based at RAF Brize Norton.
Each aircraft is a 3-point tanker, fuel being dispensed from either the 2 wing hoses or from the single fuselage-mounted refuelling point. The wing hoses can transfer fuel at up to 1,000 kg per minute and are used to refuel smaller aircraft (such as Tornados or Harriers). The fuselage position can transfer fuel at up to 2,000 kg per minute and is usually used to refuel 'heavy' aircraft, although it can also be used by other aircraft.
Each tanker variant of VC10 carries a different fuel load. The K3 is equipped with fuselage fuel tanks, mounted in what was the passenger compartment, and can carry up to 78 tonnes; these internal tanks are missing from the K4, which has a maximum fuel load of 68 tonnes. All the fuel is available to give away to receivers. The aircraft also have a very limited passenger carrying capability. This is used almost exclusively to carry ground crew and other operational support personnel.
A replacement for both versions of the VC10 and the Tristar is being sought under the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA) programme. It was announced in January 2004 that the AirTanker consortium, which was offering Airbus A330 aircraft, had been chosen as the preferred partner for the FSTA contract.

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Re: The VC10 is Big 40
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2006, 03:14:38 PM »
As well it is developed from the original airliner it is veru usefull military planes :)