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Title: Su-34
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The defense Ministry agreed on the details of the contract for a new batch of the latest Su-34 bombers. It is expected that by 2027, the units will receive at least 76 aircrafts.

The details of the contract for a new large batch of Su-34 have already been agreed, sources in the Ministry of defense and the military-industrial complex said. Although the document itself has not yet been signed, military-industrial complex enterprises have begun to order components for this production. According to the procurement reports, 76 upgraded bombers will be built. Every year until 2027, it is planned to produce from 8 to 14 aircraft and the first samples for their assembly should arrive at the plant in the second half of this year.

Recall that the first contract for the supply of these universal machines was signed in 2008. Then the defense Ministry agreed on the terms for the acquisition of 32 bombers. A larger agreement was signed in 2012: according to this document, the military Department received another 92 aircraft.

All Su-34s under the new contract will be upgraded as part of the Sych («Сыч») development program. The upgrade includes updating avionics, installing high-precision weapons and a set of several reconnaissance containers.

The improved version is tentatively designated as the Su-34M (Су-34М) or Su-34NVO (Су-34НВО). In December last year, the General Director of the UAC, Yuri Slyusar, said that the aircraft will double the combat capabilities comparing with basic machines currently being produced. Due to the long cycle of manufacture the aircraft— from the purchase of components to the transfer of the finished combat vehicle to the operator— the Ministry of Defense allowed the Sukhoi company to begin preparing for their serial production before the official signing of the state contract.
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Fresh photos from Aviadarts 2020 (Авиадартс-2020)
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