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Ryan XV-5 Vertifan
« on: May 25, 2020, 05:13:26 PM »
At the May 25, 1964 was the first flight of the experimental vertical takeoff and landing aircraft Ryan XV-5 Vertifan.

In 1961, General Electric signed a contract with the US Government to build a VTOL with turbojet engines. For the aircraft development, the company Ryan Aeronautical was taken as a subcontractor.

The Vertifan was a mid-size aircraft with a retractable landing gear. The design feature was 2 powerful fans installed in the wings. A small fan was provided in the nose section to control pitch during vertical takeoff. The maximum speed is 880 km/h.

Two samples of the Ryan XV-5 were built, XV-5A and XV-5B. In April 1965, the XV-5A crashed. The second aircraft was modified and continued testing until its accident in October 1966. XV-5B was restored and transferred for research to NASA, where it flew until 1971. After that, the project was canceled. Today, this aircraft can be seen at the United States army aviation Museum, Fort Rucker, Alabama.