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Off topic- caudron civil plane


Ovo je slika nekog Kodronovog putnickog aviona snimljenog pocetkom dvadesetih godina. Valjda Beograd al nisam bas sto posto siguran. Slobodno koristite sliku za svoje potrebe al mi bar recite koji je avion u pitanju. Hvala!

   This is the photo of the Coudron civilian airplane photographed in the '20, possibly Belgrade. Feel free to use this photo just let me know the type of plane. Thak you!
Off topic- caudron civil plane

on the first mark of the forum, I have post a quick reply to say that it could be a Caudron C 61 or C 81.

A most close view shows this :

forward wheel seems to be single
rearward strut of this wheel is far away the leading edge of the wings

C.81 and later three engines models have 6 wheels, 2 of them on an undercarriage with rearwards struts fixed nearer the wings.
So we have a C.61 or derivative.

The outer engines are radials ; this means that this C.61 have been upgrade to C.61 bis standard (with 2 Salmson CM-9 of 260 hp each), from 1924.

7 aircraft have such technical data :
# 5 F-AFBT
# 6 F-AFBX
# 9 F-AFCN
#10 F-AFCP
#11 F-AFCQ
#12 F-AFCR

or # 8 F-AHEG (but this one have been built only in 1925).

on those 6 have been ordered by la Compagnie Franco Roumaine (french - Romanian company).
Some of the C.61 bis ( # unknown to me) have received the forward undercarriage with two wheels which seems not be the case there.

Thanks for info- civil plane is unknown field for me but hope that this photo would be of interest for the others.


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